We are re-vamping the Grand Prix points system for 2016.

  1. Entering any event will be 5 points
  2. Winning an event included flighted events will be 30 points
  3. Finishing in the top 5 will score 25 points.
  4. Finishing 6-10 will score 15 points
  5. Finishing 11-15 will score 5 points.
  6. Finishing out of the to 15 will score 0 points.

All Individual events including the Medal Play Club Championship will double the points values.

In gross/net individual events you will only score in your highest finish. Medal Play Club Championship will pay "Net Only" in flights.

Individual Match Play: 10 points for signing up and 10 points for each round advanced through the tournament. All bye rounds or walkovers will receive 10 points for advancement.

Male and Female winners will receive $250 in 2017 Membership Credits.