4-23-18 results - 4-30-18 standings.  Skins:  S. Ferguson, 2 on #2, Marquardt, 3 on #6, J. Davis, 2 on #9, each paid $43.00.  Stucker, 3 on #14, paid $35.00.  Starting next week, gross skin game will be $10.00 this entry fee will also get you into a close-to-pin on #2 or #13.  Must be in skin game to be eligible for close-to-pin.  League payout format has been changed.  Each half is worth more, no payout for overall points.  But, overall points after week 16 will get you into the playoffs for league champs.  Top 4 in each division in overall points will be in a 16 team bracketed tournament for league champs.  Remainder of the league will continue to play for 2nd half points.  Let the pro shop know about subs, let me know about mistakes.  JD  jadavis111@hotmail.com

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